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Building an arcade machine is no small feat, but it isn't impossible. Here we teach you how to build your own Arcade Machine from start to finish like a pro!

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Retro Active Arcade

Here you will gain access to behind the scenes glimpses of our production process, DIY Tips and How To Tutorials as well as exclusive discounts and more! Don't know what we do? Keep reading!

Retro Active Arcade is a Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing Personalized Arcade systems. We were the first company in Canada to do what we do starting over 15 years ago and have over 25 years experience in the cabinetry and arcade industry and we utilize only the latest and most innovative cabinet making practices used by today's standards of the trade.

We pride ourselves in our quality with unmatched Customer Service while guaranteeing the craftsmanship of a brand that you can trust. 

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Build An Arcade Machine From Start To Finish


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  • Exclusive discounts
  • Tools needed for the job
  • Design & Layout
  • Build Techniques
  • Choosing Material
  • Finishing Tips & Tricks
  • Installing components
  • How to apply decals
  • Installing t-mold
  • Priming & painting
  • JAMMA vs. MAME
  • Wiring all components
  • Power and electrical
  • and much more!